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How to finance a truck with zelda financial services

How It Works

Zelda Financial Services is a third party with a variety of semi and commercial truck financing options structured to ensure the success of customers. We find the most favorable terms for each individual, making sure payment schedules are compatible with the projected income the equipment will generate.

Financing With Zelda

For many operators, especially first-time buyers, financing a truck is just as important, if not more important, than choosing a truck. A finance package that doesn't fully consider all your operating costs may set your payment schedule so high you can’t make a profit after meeting your obligations. The best way to avoid this problem is to finance your truck through someone who understands the trucking industry and hidden costs of operating a truck.
Before making your final decision on financing, ask your Zelda Financial Director about financing options available through Zelda Financial Services. We work closely with customers to help them take full advantage of the benefits that truck ownership offers. Our services include:

  • Standard loans
  • TRAC leases
  • FMV leases
  • Fixed debt
  • Floating debt

What Will My Payments Look Like?

Many factors are considered for truck financing, including a unit or fleet’s depreciation schedules, revenue projections, current interest rates and fixed operating costs. Many of our customers are individuals and fleets who financed their first pre-owned trucks through Zelda Financial Services, Inc. and have come back to buy their second, third and fourth. Our customers want top-quality trucks, service and support.

Current Truck Financing Opportunities

Through our variety of dealership and lending partnerships, we are currently offering some no, to no money down opportunities for new owner operators. 

Give Us A Ring or E-Mail

Contact us today for leasing and financing opportunities. (855)-659-3532

E-Mail: Chris@ZeldaLogistics.com

Why Zelda?

We will not only guarantee your best deal, but insure the truck with breakdown advances directly through us should you encounter a problem over the road. 

in house financing application

Please download and fill out this application completely. Once completed, please send completed application to Chris@ZeldaLogistics.com