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Zelda's Mission Statement

It starts with a philosophy of driver respect and engagement, and the belief that the dedicated, hard-working men and women behind the wheel deserve more. More opportunity. More autonomy. More appreciation. And, perhaps most importantly, more time at home. This trucking company was built from the pavement up around this driver-first mission. With new equipment, better pay, flexible routes and the best support in the industry, we're empowering drivers to make smart choices in the name of safety, not profit. In an industry that's been plagued for too long by broken promises and misinformation, this much is clear: change is here, and it began with the great men and women who are driving this company in the right direction. Logistic companies las vegas. Zelda Logistics pays 80% of the linehaul. Logistics Companies often forget to pay top dollar, here at Zelda Logistics we pay it all. Las Vegas #1 Trucking Company Paying 80% of the LineHaul. 

Insurance & Benefits

Full major medical through Cigna/Health Partners

Starts on the 91st day of employment

Day 1 supplemental insurance available

401k, dental, vision, short & long term disability & life insurance available

Paid vacation

Pay for performance pay raises

Transport America rewards program for additional bonuses


Zelda Logistics has been independently certified as a Top Paying Carrier by the National Transportation Institute

Compensation depends on division and experience

Additional $.04 cents per mile for Hazmat Endorsement

Sure pay electronic payment system allows drivers to check and correct their wages in real time

Accessorial Pay

not just another trucking co.

The Zelda "2 Million Mile Driver"

How to Become a 2 Million Mile Driver Like Zelda Logistics Tom Shannahan

Here’s what the math looks like:

If the average OTR driver puts on 100,000 miles to 150,000 miles a year, it will take him or her about eight to ten years to achieve a million miles safely driven.

Now, double that.

And then there’s this: You only start counting your miles based on one company at a time. That means if you’re a company driver, if you’ve driven 100,000 or 800,000 miles safely with another company and then switch over, you technically don’t get to count those miles.

Tommy has been driving for a total of 28 years. Last year, he learned that he had driven two million miles safely.

The owner-operator who swears by his 13-year-old Western Star primarily drives the northeastern corridor out of  North Jackson, Ohio, support center.

So how did he do it? How has he driven safely for more than 20 years?

“Well, first off, I think it’s important to simply pay attention,”  “By that I mean, I try to avoid stress and aggravation while driving. I take my time, and I build time into my schedule.”

Freeman got his start in the trucking industry as a mechanic while working for a carrier in Syracuse. The company wanted him to have his CDL so he could move trucks around the yard, so he attended truck driving school. A year later, he made his jump to Zelda Logistics.

A bachelor, Freeman drives eight to nine months a year then parks his truck and focuses on his stress relief: snowmobiling. From late December through April 15, he snowmobiles every week, enjoying the heavy, lake effect snowfalls that blanket upper New York.

“I believe you must have a life outside of truck driving,” Freeman says. “During the summer, I’ll take a few breaks to cut wood for me and my family. That helps to keep me in shape. That’s important. You need to stay healthy, you need to stay active. Doing so will help you become a better driver.”

During the first five years of his truck driving career, Freeman says he was just happy to drive. But over time, he’s learned the lessons of the road that only putting down the miles will help a driver comprehend.

“Over time, I feel like I’ve developed this instinct, or gut feeling,” says Freeman, “If it tells me to slow down or to stop, I pay attention to it.”

In addition, Freeman keeps learning. Keeps asking questions. He credits older, wiser drivers who took the time to share their tips on driving and how to make a living as an owner-operator.

“Roger Wood was one of those guys. He was a driver out of Virginia. He drove a pink truck and was with another company for a number of years. I remember him and a number of other zelda drivers laughing and joking.

Freeman also credits his success to Zelda as a company that’s easy to deal with.

“Again, it’s about managing your stress levels,” Freeman says, “At Zelda I have good relationships with my fleet leaders. My current fleet leader, Roger , is a good guy. He takes care of me and keeps me busy. The company treats me well, and they take the time to understand me for who I am. That’s what it’s all about.”

Embracing Opportunity

Zelda Logistics is a diverse and comprehensive logistics and transportation provider with a variety of trucking jobs available. We believe our drivers, agents, & employees contribute to the success of our business. Our commitment to achieving our mission – to be the preferred logistics and transportation solutions provider, hinges on the support we provide to our independent drivers and owner operators to meet the changing needs of our customers in a global environment.

This year our employees will be industry leaders as far as our benefits packages our concerned. The office has a close relationship with our drivers, brokers, shippers and international freight connections. We work side by side in getting the highest paying loads and cargo, with an owner operator division that is qualified second to none. This ensures the true intention of the brand and the feel of Zelda Logistics company culture. We truly are not just "another trucking company".

Why Drivers Love Zelda

  • Home time, its customized to the driver.
  • Equipment, it's new and full of high-tech toys such as Satellite DirecTV, and video games!
  • Zelda's staff: We treat the drivers as an extension of our immediate family.
  • Pay Rates & Weekly pay
  • Trailers. Need one? We've got you covered.
  • Reasonable cost of insurance with no down payments required
  • 3,000+ Miles, Say no more.
  • 53' Van, Reefer, FlatBed always available as priority to our drivers

Running Rates

With our industry leading pay and "Real Rate" confirmation sheets to our drivers, its hard not to love Zelda. We believe each and every truck and driver is our business partner, they will be treated that way. That's what Zelda Was built on, we're built on relationships, plain and simple.

Zelda's Got Big Plans.

We're about to do it all:

  • Safety & Compliance for independent carriers
  • Dispatch for independent carriers
  • Factoring in house
  • In house financing
  • Driver Qualification Courses
  • Weekend driver safety school
  • Trucking Academy
  • In house driver road prep
  • Haz-Mat Courses available

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